Leh 2009/2012/2014

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Its not just the scenic beauty all around the journey which will tickle your senses, its the mystical aura of centuries old monasteries which will guard you and make you realize the beauty of being alive. Leh is not a place to be conquered its like a reward for all the harsh terrain and environment we face on our journey.

Being Leh'ed is an experience of lifetime or a feeling which only a traveler who got Leh'ed can only feel and understand completely. It's the holy ground for the riders and they respect it and regard it the way it should be.

Imagine experiencing that feeling thrice in a row. Doing a hat-trick of getting Leh'ed is a feeling which our group riders always cherish and always keep planning to go again and again. But we feel, It's a place that will call you only if it feels you are worth it .

The BRO(Border Road Organization) starts to clear the roads from snow in May, generally from 1st week of June the roads are open to Leh from either Srinagar or Manali. We have seen people going to Leh as late as October, but generally the roads close in October. The best time will be June/July when most riding groups/solo riders try to make their dreams come true, Since this s the time of clear skies and the massive snow walls are visible through the entire journey.

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Zanskar 2013

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Zanskar valley lies to the south west of Leh, surrounded by the Himalayan and Zanskar ranges. It is the most isolated of all the trans- Himalayan valleys. Zanskar Valley is one of the least visited spots in ladakh and this is mainly due to the distance and fact that roads here are dirt tracks for the most part. The Darang Durung Glacier view is one the most epic view en-route zanskar. The wilderness and nomadic state of land will leave you speechless. One can say Zanskar is majestically rugged.

There are two ways to enter the Suru valley which leads to Zanskar valley. One is from Umba La from Drass to Pannikhar and other from Kargil to Pannikhar. The latter is the most commonly used because of its better connectivity. We, Falcon Riders tried our hands on Umba La Route which is so less used that even many locals don't know much about it. Crossing the Umba La in the month of June was so treacherous that it played with our minds many time to turn back. But with great planning, discussion and foreseeing the weather and time we together took some crucial decisions to cross it in the end. Our decision was treated with some of most beautiful vistas of Himalayas and some great team bonding.

Best time to visit Suru and Zanskar valley would be same time as when it opens for Leh i.e. May end to September.

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Spiti'fied 2015

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Spiti - ‘a world within a world' as described by Rudyard Kipling (of ‘Kim' fame) - is a relatively unknown world, tucked away in the Trans-Himalayan belt of Himachal Pradesh. Popularly known as Little Tibet, Spiti is nestled in the Himalayan Mountain range in Himachal Pradesh. Accessible only during summer, Spiti is as remote as it gets. Surrounded by mountains and glaciers, villages perched on mountain crests, crystal clear rivers and streams. The beauty of Spiti is spellbound.

The highest village (Komic), the oldest running monastery of India, the amazing most beautifully located Key and Dhankar monastery, amazing locations to pitch your tent for the night, the milky way gazing from naked eyes, the pristine Chandertaal, Us Falcon riders, covered it all but still so much in Spiti that no matter how many more rides we take, they will just not be enough to describe and enliven the magnitude of beauty and freshness of Spiti. With some special permissions we also managed to experience Shipkila and Lachung, the final frontiers of Indo-China border.

Best time to visit Spiti is from May to October.

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Sach Pass 2014

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Some 120 kms from Chamba(H.P) lies the Mordor of the Himalaya, the mighty Sach pass standing tall at approx. 4390m. It is the gateway to Pangi valley. From Sach Pass you can move towards Killar and then further to either towards Kishtwar or towards Tandi via Udaipur.

The picturesque road from Chamba to Sach pass will make you feel that you are on the pathway to heaven. The road keeps getting narrower as you approach the pass and also keeps deteriorating. Last few kms are like approaching the dark gates of Mordor. It’s not the height of Sach pass that will intimidate you rather the journey will. The feeling of being on the top of Khardung La and Marsimic La has their own charms but this one is a bit different when it comes to pure adrenaline rush.

Best time to visit Sach Pass is immediately after the monsoon season and before the onset of winter i.e. September. At this time road is not only open, but also stable enough to reach the top.

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Chanshal Pass 2013

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The Chanshal Pass/ Chanshal Valley links Dodra Kwar and Rohru in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, India. The pass sits atop the Chanshal Peak, which at 3,750 metres and is thus the highest road in the Shimla district.

The final strecthes of road to chanshal are rin real bad condition. Every single km will make a point that do you wanna continue or quit. But We falcons are no quitter's so km by km we climbed and reached the chanshal pass in 2013. The views were majestic and snow walls all around in last few kms. The wind was so chill that even in gloves our hands were freezing and it was even difficult to press the shutter button on camera. We advise that winds are so strong that it can uproot you sometimes so dont go near edge of mountains. Its a unique experience which we loved.

There is no accommodation available in Chanshal valley and there are no shops. The nearest place to stay is Larot, around 20 km from Chanshal valley Best time to visit chanshal pass would be June - September.

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Shinku La 2016

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SHINKU LA is one of the newest pass in himalayas which was opened in 2015 by BRO. It connects the mighty zanskar to Himachal. From Darcha around 40 kms lies the mighty shinku LA which goes towards Padum in Zanskar Valley.

Earlier there was only one route to reach padum in Zanskar Valley which is from Kargil via Rangdum. This new route is also strategicaly important as to reach kargil and drass one should not be entierly dependent on Zojjila pass. The Road from darcha towards Shinku La are great for first 10-12 kms , after that its complete off-road. The climb is steep and to be honest its one of the craziest climb compared to even mighty Marsimic La. It just keeps going up and up. Vistas are amazing all around and its complete pristine beauty. last 20-30 kms there is nothing not even a soul on the route accept a small BRO camp just 10 kms before the top. In october all water crossing were frozen and one has to really breake that ice to move forward on motorcycle. At 16,500FT shinku la do feels like 18,000+ FT.

There is no accommodation available around Shinku LA. Nearest place for accomodation is Darcha. It's new route so dont know exactly what's the best time to go there buy I suggest that september/october is best time to visit.

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